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NHS Leadership Academy
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Talent management 

December 2016 saw the publication of the National Improvement and Leadership Development Strategic Framework, ‘Developing People – Improving Care’.  The NHS Executive Search team played a substantial role in the Framework’s development and in particular the ambitious proposal it sets out to create a coherent, all system approach to talent management for the NHS.

The team is now an integral part of how the NHS’s talent management strategy is being implemented, particularly with regard to the identification, development, assessment, deployment and support of our most senior leaders.  At its heart the Framework proposes a shift from the current reactive, inefficient and inconsistent approach to how we ensure we have the right senior leaders in the right roles at the right time, to one which is more planned, more sustainable and more cost effective.

Alongside our work supporting NHS organisations in making board appointments, we are already helping the NHS to start to work in a different way.  We run and support a range of aspiring director talent schemes and development programmes.  The intention is that the emerging NHS talent management strategy will see a shift away from the current approach to making board appointments which relies on a traditional – and wasteful - executive search approach.  Correspondingly while we expect to continue to provide a conventional executive search service that sets the standard in terms of quality, insight and value for money, we also expect our role to continue to develop and evolve.