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NHS Leadership Academy
Executive Search

NHS board appointments 

We support NHS board appointments and have a strong track record in supporting the following key roles:

  • Chair                                                                          
  • Chief executive                                                         
  • Chief operating officer/director of operations
  • Chief nurse/director of nursing
  • Director of finance
  • Director of human resources and organisational development
  • Medical director
  • Director of strategy and planning
  • Director of informatics
  • Managing director

Appointing us to conduct your search and selection means you’ll benefit from the following offer:

  • An analysis of the challenges unique to your organisation and the role you’re recruiting for
  • A thorough understanding of the skills, knowledge and abilities required
  • Insight and guidance and, where appropriate, challenge. If we do challenge any of your processes, we’ll always present alternative ideas
  • Determining any priorities that may shape the search process
  • Developing all marketing material and candidate briefing documents
  • A thorough market analysis and comprehensive search across all parts of the NHS and, as required, the commercial sector and other parts of the public sector.
  • Regular updates on the search process is progressing
  • Approaching candidates to determine their interest in the role, drawing on our insight, knowledge and networks within and outside the NHS
  • Screening and assessing candidates through application and rigorous interviews and undertaking psychometric testing where required
  • Detailed interview reports for shortlisted candidates to supplement candidate application and panel interview process 
  • Detailed, high-quality assistance and insight throughout the selection and appointment process
  • Support to your appointing team through long list, shortlist and panel interview stages
  • Reference-taking to provide meaningful insight into past performance and reputation, and Fit and Proper Persons checks
  • Offer management and negotiation, including advice and guidance around navigating senior salary authorisation processes
  • Regular communication with you during placement and transition period
  • Post-appointment ‘on-boarding’ support

We are also happy to provide a ‘modular’ service from which you can select only the components you require from the list above, and we’re more than happy to discuss other search projects on a case by case basis.