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Career transition support

Senior executives can often be the last to be supported when an organisation is going through a period of transition or change. But the changing nature of the NHS and the challenges we’re facing mean that career transition support for those at a senior level within the NHS can be significantly more complex.
Our unique position in supporting board appointments from within the NHS gives us the knowledge, intelligence and relationships to effectively support individuals as they go through transitional periods in their career.
Our career transition packages are uniquely personalised to your own requirements but would generally consist of a number of career coaching sessions focused around:
  • Support on career direction and aspiration
  • The creation of a career development plan
  • Evaluation of how and where further career development and support might be required, including connecting participants with others in the system as appropriate
  • Advice/guidance on:
  • How best to fulfil career ambitions
  • CV & supporting statement and ‘selling’ experience and achievements effectively, which may include support on specific applications
  • How and where to access particular roles, including signposting to vacancies and agencies or informal connections with key people in the system as required
  • Intelligence on applications, including role/organisation/locality context and how to shape the application
  • Interview coaching and support, including preparation, presentation and the board appointment process as a whole
  • Support in managing the transition into a new role/environment
Please contact us for further information.