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NHS Leadership Academy
Executive Search

West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust

Jan Bloomfield, Executive Director of Workforce & Communication, said: “We have used the NHS Executive Search team twice – first to appoint our Medical Director and then our Chief Operating Officer. Both were critical appointments crucial to the ongoing success of the Trust”.

“Our experience of using this service has been very positive. There is a feeling of collaboration and working towards a shared goal. Using fellow NHS colleagues who can partner with you during the hiring process but who can also stand apart and remain independent enough to challenge and guide without prejudice and agenda seems an obvious choice to us. It ensures a process that is fair, robust, well-planned and of good value to the Trust and the tax-payer”

“We have been able to successfully make two key executive appointments and base our hiring decisions on clear evidence that takes into account technical skills, professional experience and, most importantly, leadership values”

“Being able to appoint new members of the team who share our values and fit with the ethos we have West Suffolk NHS FT has been invaluable”

“In particular they helped us design and deliver a process that included the participation of patients; ensuring we assessed for compassionate and inclusive leadership”

For both posts the NHS Executive Search team delivered projects that included detailed briefing meetings, an agreed attraction strategy, comprehensive search with regular updates, developmental feedback to all unsuccessful candidates, detailed assessment of the longlist and attendance at the final panel event to facilitate stakeholder groups and to help guide the interview panel in its decision making.

“The NHS Executive Search team can do the same search and headhunting activity a commercial recruiting agent can but combines this with knowledge of the alumni of the NHS Leadership Academy’s development programmes, an insider’s knowledge of the talent within the NHS and a focus on making a successful appointment that is the right one for patients, the staff, the organisation and the individual taking up the post”