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We offer the following accessibility features on this website:

  • a text only version of the website
  • a breadcrumb trail
  • a comprehensive sitemap 
  • resizable text
  • a 'skip to content' link to help screen reader and keyboard users bypass repeated navigation links
  • a set of access keys to help screen reader and keyboard users navigate to common areas.

Access Keys

H = Home
S = Skip to content 
M = Switch mode e.g. Text only or Graphics


Accessibility and usability

Our website meets all the requirements of the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. As the site grows over time, we will endeavour to uphold the spirit and best practice of the WCAG guidelines, recognising that web technology is changing rapidly. Our main objective is to create a site which is accessible and usable in practice.

We have provided clear and consistent navigation and a 'breadcrumb trail' to assist orientation within the site.


Make our website look the way you want

My Web My Way is an excellent source of accessibility help for all computer users developed by the BBC and AbilityNet. It provides information on changing colours, text size and other features of our website, and also explains how to apply these settings to any site you visit.